About us

We are Stark Property - a commercial and residential property development company based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

In 2010, while in the process of looking for a suitable central city office space for his father’s company, Matt Stark and wife Jaimee realised the lack of commercial leasing opportunities in the city with the option of full office design and fit out. There was a need for well-designed workspaces in the CBD.

The first space they worked on took the form of an events space with meeting rooms and a full cafe, located on the top floor of a five-story office building, overlooking Garden Place in central Hamilton.

The first commercial property was purchased in central Hamilton in 2012, marking the beginning of Stark Property and the development of buildings and unique spaces. Since then, we have grown organically, fostering communities and creating spaces throughout the central city to be proud of.

At Stark Property, we believe in working collaboratively with clients to create environments that are productive, functional, beautifully finished and that provide a platform for success for our tenants.

We manage the entire development process - site acquisitions, design, consenting, construction and lease negotiation. Our dedicated property team has extensive expertise in project and property management, providing a seamless process for each of our clients.

We are passionate about the revitalisation of the Hamilton CBD and seeing the city thrive and grow.

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At the core of our business is people. When people thrive, businesses and communities do too.

Fostering a sense of community, working together and building meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally, is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on doing business in a way that empowers and cares for people. We care about our tenants and their business progression, allowing flexibility and adaptability to facilitate business growth.

Our co-working spaces promote community and efficient use of space by providing environments that encourage collaboration and connection with shared amenities and facilities.

We are proud supporters of various local community projects and events including:

Find out more about sponsorship and partnering with Stark Property here

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We love our city and do our best to look after the people, places and parts of this planet that we encounter. We understand that the choices we make every day, as individuals and as a company, can significantly impact the people around us and the planet. With this in mind, we are always striving to be responsible custodians of all our resources.

From waste minimisation and recycling practices to using top quality, long-lasting and responsibly manufactured products, we endeavour to do our part, using the best locally sourced materials, products and services where possible.

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Our team


MATT STARK | Director

Having lived most of his life in Hamilton and a builder by trade, Matt is passionate about the city and revitalising the CBD. Always with people in mind and an appetite for excellence, Matt is driven to create functional, well-designed and useable spaces that inspire people and productivity and facilitate a sense of community. 

When Matt doesn't have a Rocket Coffee in hand and a phone in the other, you'll find him wandering down The Riverbank Lane, chatting to tenants or challenging Matt Senior to a left-handed arm wrestle or a swimming race.

Fun fact: As a child, Matt’s dream job was to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand.



With an immaculate eye for detail and extensive background in Design, Jaimee looks after all aspects of design at Stark Property. She is the driver behind the interior design, look and feel and the fit outs of Stark Property projects.

Much like her other half, Jaimee is often out and about the central city, sipping a flat white, with the kids in tow and making sure things get done to the highest standard. 

Fun fact: Jaimee once danced in La Sylphide with the Royal New Zealand Ballet. 


GARETH MUNRO | Development Manager

Gareth could be referred to as master of all office-based activities; that combined with a Bachelor of Property, a background in valuation and a wealth of experience in the property sector, he is a valuable asset to the Stark Property team ensuring the details, leasing and policies are accurate and complete. 

For Gareth, Hamilton is full of opportunity and a great place to raise a family. Plus, there are plenty of places to find a good flat white.

Fun fact: Eight year old Gareth wanted to be a pilot and an architect. 


ANDY OVERALL | Project Manager

A member of the Chartered Institute of Building, Andy manages design, compliance and procurement for Stark Property projects. He has over 30 years of experience working on commercial, residential, hospitality and urban regeneration projects in multiple cities around the world. 

Born in England and having lived in Canada, Andy loves the size and location of Hamilton and now calls this place home. He enjoys an afternoon run and can be found powering through central Hamilton on foot to check on the latest projects. 

Fun Fact: Andy's fave song of all time is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.


ROXANA DAVIES | Culture & Communications

Roxana loves how Hamilton often under promises but always over delivers and all locals know that secret. With a Communications degree from the University of Waikato and a passion for connecting people and creating a sense of community, Roxana makes sure people know about Stark Property and our projects. She pulls together the bits and pieces so the team functions at it's best. 

For all things co-working, events, social and media, Roxana is the go-to and she can be bribed with any locally roasted coffee in the form of a long black. 

Fun fact: Roxana has lived in over 25 houses and almost every suburb of Hamilton. 


MATT SENIOR | Finance Manager

Matt has a Bachelor of Business Analysis (BBA) from the University of Waikato. Matt began his career in banking and before joining Stark Property, he worked in investment banking. With his thorough understanding of business strategy, finance and budgeting, Matt balances multiple facets of the business including managing accounts, budgets, financial administration and day-to-day operations.

A true Kiwi, Matt enjoys a Flat White, enjoys all things sport, is inspired by endurance athletes like Braden Currie and, in another life, would have been a professional tennis player.

Fun fact: In a movie about his life, Matt is certain that The Rock would play him.


TIM TRENWITH | Construction Manager

Tim is a qualified builder and painter/ decorator and has been with Stark Property since the very beginning. Tim manages the Stark Construction team and building projects and ongoing maintenance.

Growing up in Hamilton, Tim wanted to be a milk man or ride the back of a garbage truck while listening to Lenny Kravitz. Now, raising his family here, he loves that Hamilton is an easy place to live and work.

Fun fact: Tim played in the highest grossing country music tour in New Zealand history.